It’s Open Thread Time!

We made it through another fantastic day here at Persephone and we’re turning it all over to you to play in the comments. Various staff people will be around most of the evening, so we’ll get new commenters approved ASAP. I’ve seen a couple people I’ve had to approve twice, and I have no idea what the deal is there, but don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away; it should only take a few minutes as long as it isn’t the middle of the night. Read More It’s Open Thread Time!

I Used to Meet Her Every Thursday in the Afternoon

Good morning dear readers! How’s it going?  We are in the home stretch of this week where those of us in the US are still a little hungover from the turkey, sweet potatoes and pecan pie.  We’d like to wish everyone a very happy Hanukkah as we swing into another full day of interesting things to look at.  Read More I Used to Meet Her Every Thursday in the Afternoon

Tuesday’s Gone

Like the Skynard song, we’re signing off for the night.  Thanks, readers and writers, for another fantastic day at the ranch.   We’ll be back at 9 tomorrow morning to enlighten and delight (delighten?) you some more.  Read More Tuesday’s Gone

Good Morning!

Hello! We had a fantastic day yesterday.  We’re floored by how well everything has gone, and ticked to see how many of you stopped by to check us out.  We’ve gotten some great contributions through email, and lots of offers of help or content to share.   We’re off to a good start, now the challenge is to keep everything rolling smoothly.  Read More Good Morning!