Loving My Body

Since two days ago, October 29th, I have been on Estrogen for 6 months. As many of you know, this has changed my life. My mind and body are starting to feel congruent with each other. I wake up each day freer from the bonds of testosterone-poisoning than the previous day. I am starting to love myself.  Continue reading

What I Gained When I Lost Weight, And What I Lost

I saw the ad, coincidentally, when I was on the elliptical machine at the gym. “What will you gain when you lose weight?” the commercial wanted to know. Jubilant women of all shapes and sizes were proclaiming that with just a little bit of movement on the scale, they would earn “confidence!” “pizzazz!” “self-belief!” Conviction, certainty, pep, zeal. Lose weight, gain everything. Continue reading

Takedown: Paula Deen-abetes

This week’s crapdate: “Paula Deen has no one to blame for diabetes butter self.”

The short answer: “Hahahahahah! I love it when people reveal that they are suffering! HILARIOUS!”

The Paula Deen/diabetes cracks have been fast and furious. She loves butter! She apparently has a recipe for a hamburger between two donuts! She is an indication of everything that is wrong with America today, and she deserved/asked for/should have expected/is being punished with/has been deceitful about diabetes! Paula Deen (plus) diabetes (equals) high comedy! Continue reading

Is There Hope For Fat Kids?

Every once in a while, I meet someone in their 20s who’s been part of the fat positive community since his/her young teens. Often, they found fat pride as a result of a late-night Google search that led them to a blog or two. They often tell me they never(!) dieted and focused on approving of their body from a young age. Sometimes, they even influenced their friends and spread body positivity in school, college, etc. Continue reading

I’m Not a Fan of the Word “Flattering” and Here’s Why

To me, the word “flattering” should mean “what I personally feel looks best on me, based on my own personal standards for my appearance.” Unfortunately, in our thin-obsessed fashion world, it has become universal code for “smaller.”

I’m not a fan of the word. It gets thrown around like a beach ball at a Phish concert, but it feels like no one really analyzes what they mean when they say it. So I’ll take the liberty of doing that for you. Continue reading

Persephone Pioneers: Fat Pride Activist, Marilyn Wann

I’ll never forget meeting Marilyn Wann at the NAAFA Convention a few years ago. Actually, I’ve completely forgotten what we talked about, but I remember what it felt like to talk to her. It was kind of like meeting an indie rockstar whose small but devoted following you’re a part of, and that rockstar turns out to be just as cool and awesome as you had always imagined. Continue reading