Profile In Flabulousness: Nancy Upton (She’s The Next Big Thing, For Real)

Even if you don’t totally recognize the name Nancy Upton, you have seen her pictures everywhere. For the last two weeks, news outlets and blogs have been abuzz about the woman who entered American Apparel’s Next Big Thing Contest by sending in pictures of herself bathed in ranch dressing, eating in a pool, and covering her lady regions with a cherry pie. For those in the know, it was clear that her intent was to skewer the way American Apparel and other fashion industry giants seem to view plus-sized women. Continue reading

Profile In Flabulousness: Leslie Medlik From TLC’s “Big Sexy”

Here’s the part where I tell you how cool I am because I’ve known Leslie Medlik, star of TLC’s Big Sexy (which airs tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30th at 10PM ET/PT), for years.

She is one of the excellent and flabulous shop girls of my favorite plus sized store, Re/Dress NYC. I’ve always dug her style — vintage duds, Bettie Page bangs– and her down-to-earth advice on everything from fashion to relationships. Leslie describes her personal style as a cross between a vintage vixen and a fat hipster. “Sometimes those worlds collide and there’s Leslie,” she told me. Continue reading

Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!

You may or may not have heard that Weight Watchers (WW) has recently overhauled their famous (or infamous, depending on who you are) points system to more accurately reflect how the body breaks down different nutrients. More on the logic behind that in a moment–for the time being, news sources are focusing on the most obviously important angle, that the fatties are so dumb about losing their nasty fat! Eat some bananas and kale, you fatties!! Continue reading