We Try It! Movie: Dumplings

I recently watched a really strange horror film called Dumplings. The movie is all about women, abortion, the pressure women feel to look young, and because this is horror it’s also about cannibalism.  Dumplings can be found on Netflix instant in two different forms, as the 40 minute short film in “3 Extremes” and as a 90 minute feature length film.  The longer version answers a lot of questions a viewer might have after seeing the shorter film and fills in some important gaps, but the 40 minute version works fine as well. Read More We Try It! Movie: Dumplings

What the World Needs Now: Another Olsen Sister!

Like my obsession with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, my love of cheesy, direct-to-VHS movies starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (otherwise known as MK-and-A, because true fandom always reserves the right to abbreviate) is undying. So I was floored and bizarrely excited to discover that their little sister, Lizzie Olsen (the “Elizabeth” in their Elizabeth and James clothing label) is being called this year’s break-out Sundance Festival star. Read More What the World Needs Now: Another Olsen Sister!