My Favorite Game That I Wish Would Go Away

It’s called “Okay, But Ladies.” And you can make your own variants, such as “Okay, But People of Color” or “Okay, But LGBT People.” It’s quite adaptable, as you’ll see.

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Feminist Bollywood: Tees Maar Khan

Tees Maar Khan, a flop from 2010, was meant to be a blockbuster, not only in India by abroad. Instead, it was a goofy, affable, exploitive mess. It’s bright, colorful, funny, and intertextual. I’m not mad at Tees Maar Khan, just disappointed.

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Feminist Bollywood: Dhoom 3

I’ve been thinking about action movie Dhoom 3 since I saw it in the theater on December 24. Strangely, I didn’t think it was as “good” as Ram-Leela or Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (though those are all very different types of movies), but I’ve been thinking about it much more. Read More Feminist Bollywood: Dhoom 3

A Feminist’s Defense of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift. It seems like you either love her or hate her; there isn’t a whole lot of in between. Many feminists scoff at her. One listen through of White Horse has some women, many of whom are both readers and writers of this bookish and clever magazine, rushing to their local Target to stage an album burning, but let’s take a step back for just a moment. Read More A Feminist’s Defense of Taylor Swift

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure by Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian

If one were to infer anything by the sex questions asked of advice columnists, it is that so many of the topics boil down to, “Tell me that my desire is normal.” When it comes to men wanting something that is outside of the stereotypical straight-male domain, both the men themselves and their partners can feel at a loss for information. Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian’s new book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, aims to educate those people who are looking to incorporate P-Spot exploration into their sexual lives.

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Insults with Feminists: “Douchebag”

I like to curse”¦ a lot. And I like to be as creative with spellings as I am with uses (fuck can be used in a surprisingly diverse number of ways). As a feminist, though, I’m constantly considering linguistic histories of the words that I use. With regard to cursing, I think things like, “What’s the male equivalent of ‘bitch’? Is there one? Of ‘pussy’? Is it OK to use these words? In what context?” Sure, you have “dick,” but, let’s be honest, it doesn’t hold the same demeaning history. Read More Insults with Feminists: “Douchebag”

Feminism: A Dirty, Outdated Word?

I’d like to think that I have always been a Feminist. Even as a child, I was able to sense a kind of inequality when it came to certain things. I have always been passionate about my rights being equal to those of my male peers, and have always been interested in the women before me who championed the cause and worked tirelessly to help that happen. I was lucky enough to be raised in a family that urged me to strive for whatever my heart desired and never put gender-specific restrictions on me in terms of my goals and dreams–my grandfather is an electrician by trade, and taught all three of his sons the trade as well. When I, his first grandchild, came of age, he set out to teach me just like all the rest of them. Much to my regret, I had no interest at the time and turned him down, but the fact that he saw me as an equal, who could just as easily do “man’s work” was one of the first seeds of Feminism to be planted in my mind. It has always been a source of pride, for me, to call myself a Feminist, and I have never been able to understand those women and men who consider it some kind of negative character trait, or treat the word itself as if it is a slur. Read More Feminism: A Dirty, Outdated Word?

Vegan-ish and Kathy Freston’s Vision of Progress, Not Perfection

Food is personal. Politics are personal. Food politics is incredibly personal. Finding a way to be conscious and healthy about the food we eat is something that takes time and energy.  Vegan food politics have often been associated with a very hard line approach to the issues, but Kathy Freston (who recently appreared on both Oprah and Marth Stewart’s vegan shows!) and others who approach food politics in a similar manner are chosing to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

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