We Try It: Sally Hansen Nail Pen

You know what I like? Manicures. You know what I can’t justify spending money on in This Economy? Also manicures.  Well, I can’t justify getting them as often as I would like, anyway.  Enter the Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Pen.  Read More We Try It: Sally Hansen Nail Pen

Lunchtime Poll

Today I wore corduroy pants.  As I walked down the hall I had to smile at the “whip-whip” noise they make.  Whenever I hear that sound I am transported back to the 70’s, walking with my dad and wondering why my pants didn’t make cool noises too.  There are lots of little things like that lurking in my brain.  The sound of fingers sliding over guitar strings also makes me think of my dad, kumquats make me think of my high school friend Gary and raspberries make me think of our own dear Ophelia.

What about you?  What never fails to transport you back in time?

Lunchtime Poll 1/4

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with yesterday’s question about resolutions.

What do you want to be doing this time next year?

What do you want to change about your life in the next 365 days or so?

If you had a crystal ball, what do you think Janaury 2012 will hold? How can you make it happen?

I for one am crossing my fingers that our house sells at some point in 2011. To make it happen, we’re banking more $$ for a bigger down payment, cleaning and purging, and possibly slashing our listing price. We were hoping to move in 2010. I said it here first – we are moving in 2011.

Small Change of Plans

I’m giving everyone the week off, we’ve been working our fingers off over here since October.  Plus we have a few writers who are still out of town, a few stuck in the snow and a couple of sickies as well.  So we’re taking the week off and we’ll be back on Monday, January 4th bright and early.  Feel free to catch up on some of our old posts in the break.

Audience Dare: Commit to Sparkle Motion

Readers, if you dare, tonight’s Wednesday dare is to paint your nails with something fabulous and festive and totally unlike you.  Post a picture, if you’d like, or just tell us how you fancied up your fingers for Thursday.  We’ll never tell you that lipstick can change your mood or mascara will change your life, but we do encourage giving yourself something shiny to look at while you’re slaving away for a non-existent holiday bonus.

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Another Day, More Bloggin’

Hellllllooooo Tuesday.   The coffee machine is warming up and we’re stretching our typing fingers to bring you the very best in ladyblogging entertainment all day long.  We’ve got a full schedule today, so buckle your seat belts, there’s gonna be a bunch of words. Read More Another Day, More Bloggin’

Happy Friday!

We’ve (nearly) made it through our first week, and those of you reading this from work are but hours away from precious weekend freedom. Yay everyone! We’d like to thank everyone who helped make our first week a success by visiting, commenting and sending emails. Even the grumpy ones.   Read More Happy Friday!