Get A Job!

I mentioned in a prior post about my disdain for cooking and, subsequently, domestic household duties. I have tried to instill some basic household organization by trying to maintain basic cleanliness and order, but when you have a kid, that’s pretty much impossible. Between the toys, the papers, and the stuff they collect, it’s a never-ending battle you probably can’t win and shouldn’t fight anyway. Read More Get A Job!

The Hiccup Girl and Victim Blaming

By now, you may have heard that the “Hiccup Girl” of recent Today Show fame (real name Jennifer Mee) is suspected of murder.

You may recall that in 2007, Mee was on the Today Show for suffering from hiccups for five weeks straight. Across the blogosphere, she received some sympathy, some jokes, and, ultimately, congratulations when the hiccups were cured. Of course we all promptly forgot about her, until this week when she became involved in an elaborate scheme and was implicated in a murder. Read More The Hiccup Girl and Victim Blaming

Racist or just a jerk? How do you decide?

Recently, my boyfriend and I were looking at apartments.  When we exited one, we looked across the hall to see a woman peering out of her door and she appeared to be glaring at us.  Later we talked about it.  “She’s going to be trouble.  She’s going to tell us our music is too loud,” I said, and then I paused. “What if she doesn’t like black people?” Read More Racist or just a jerk? How do you decide?