LadyGhosts of TV Past: Firefly, “Ariel”

“Ariel” is one of my favorite episodes.  You get to see the flip side of the space coin.  Instead of being all western, this episode is high-tech and clean.

We start with the crew preparing to visit Ariel, one of the Alliance core planets.  Inara has to renew her Companion license.  Read More LadyGhosts of TV Past: Firefly, “Ariel”

Privilege and Otherness : Art to Stand On

Privilege is one of those words that says everything and nothing at all. It also sends those who are claimed to have privilege into a tizzy of explanations on how they didn’t create the system and how they can’t be blamed for society’s ills at large (FYI – it ain’t about you – more on that later!).  It’s loaded- as it should be, but it’s also a reality that doesn’t always go down easy (and yet easier than not having it for no good reason). Depending on context, it slides and slithers, but most often is blatant and loudly presented. Read More Privilege and Otherness : Art to Stand On

TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

In yesterday’s daily goodie, we explored all sorts of different kinds of love songs.  I was delighted by your responses, and spent a longer time than I’d like to admit clicking through all of your suggestions on YouTube.  Today we’re going to explore the flip side, and put together the ultimate Persephone Playlist for those who’ll be in the box wine and VD open thread with us on Tuesday. Read More TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

We Try It: Playing Fantasy Football

Last year a friend put the call out –who would be interested in playing in a ladies-only, no-money fantasy football league? It had never occurred to my to play Fantasy Football before,  but a good group of women all raised their virtual hands, so I joined in the fun. And to my surprise, it really was lot of fun, fun that spilled into real life, mostly on Sunday afternoons. Read More We Try It: Playing Fantasy Football