Lunchtime Poll: Flower Power

Yesterday I went to a flower show at a local grocery store/garden center so I could pretend it was spring for a little while. (It might have been easier to pretend if I hadn’t gone down to look at the frozen Hudson River first.) Read More Lunchtime Poll: Flower Power

Functional Beauty: Flowers in the Vegetable Garden

Flowers: is there anything they can’t do?

Not only do these plant sex organs brighten our day with their happy little flower faces, they are also powerhouses in the garden. You may be thinking, “Flowers? But I want to grow food!” And I’d say, “You ARE little one, you are.” And then we’d hug. Read More Functional Beauty: Flowers in the Vegetable Garden

Picture This: Depth of Field

A art professor once told me that he believed everyone had the potential to be a great artist. Obviously it comes more naturally to some people, but everyone can learn and improve through practice which is why if you want to take good photos, you can’t give up! Last week we learned about photo editing; this week we’re going to talk about depth of field–another great composition trick to improve your photos! Read More Picture This: Depth of Field

LTP: 2/21

It’s that time of February when everything is both brown and gray at the same time, at least here in what our local government insists on calling The Heartland. It’s finally spent a few days above brass underpants fresh from the freezer cold and I started seeing a few tiny green things trying to grow in my yard, so my winter mehs are starting to lift a little.  Read More LTP: 2/21

Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Who here is ready for spring? I can’t wait. I’m ready to hear birds and smell the fresh spring air while I shove my big, bulky winter coat into the back of the closet until October. For today’s Daily Goodie, I thought we all might enjoy some pictures that remind us spring is right around the corner.  Read More Open Thread/TDG: 2/17