News Appetizers: At Least It’s Friday

All this week, I kept thinking each day was the day that was supposed to come after. So, yesterday, I thought it was Friday. The news didn’t make this feeling any better. But today, at least, is actually Friday.

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Travel Eats

I’ve spent this week gearing up for a weekend trip. It’s sort of put a damper on my cooking aspirations, but the process has allowed me to realize that there are some important tricks to getting ready for a trip – and staying satiated while on it. For most of you, these will be old hat, but for past-me, these tricks could have saved me some grief. Read More Travel Eats

Traveling With a Baby: A Ladyguide

Unfortunately, teleportation isn’t yet possible. So if you need to travel this holiday season and have the means, going by air is your fastest option. And it sucks. It sucks if you’re old. It sucks if you’re young. It sucks if you do it every week, or if it is your first time. No matter the extent of your wisdom or experience, flying sucks for everyone. Here’s how to make it suck a little bit less if you are flying with a baby for the first time. Read More Traveling With a Baby: A Ladyguide