The Definitive Chopped Judges Ranking

My wife and I are obsessed with food shows and competition shows. Chopped is our favorite because it combines food and competition the best. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, four contestants start out competing in the appetizer round where they get a random basket of four ingredients that must be incorporated into their final product. They are then judged by three chef judges, which is where the fun begins. Depending on the panel, my wife and I will argue over who will say what to which contestant and obviously who the judges will end up eliminating. Their are two more rounds, with a contestant being eliminated after each round until one remains the victor.  Read More The Definitive Chopped Judges Ranking

Oh Pioneer Woman!

There are some people in the world who just can’t help being polarizing. You either love them or hate them; there’s rarely any indifference.

One of these figures is the Pioneer Woman, a.k.a Ree Drummond. A mother of four and wife of a rancher, Drummond blogs about life in the Oklahoma country. Her fans are rabid, and eat up every one of her posts (and she posts a lot: her website has multiple sections, including Confessions, Cooking, Photography, Home & Garden, Tasty Kitchen, Homeschooling, and a new component, Entertainment). She also has a love story/memoir and cookbook out now, and is working on another one, due next year. Anyone who is not firmly on Team Ree is usually berated in the comments sections of her website, told to “stop hating” and urged to “get a life.” There’s really no room for discussion.  Read More Oh Pioneer Woman!

Why Does Food Network Soothe My Soul?

Last week, I found myself laid up at home with a case of pink eye. I think the last time I had pink eye was when I was eight years old, and having it as an adult is just as gross. Here’s a quick public service announcement: if you have pink eye, stay home! Don’t go around town rubbing your eye and then touching doorknobs and handles! Be responsible, and stay home and watch TV so you don’t spread the horror. That’s what I did. Thank you. Read More Why Does Food Network Soothe My Soul?

Lunchtime Poll – 6/22

We have been watching a lot of Food Network recently (and it’s new sister Cooking Channel since the Food Network went the way of MTV, VH1, TLC, and the History Channel and now rarely shows cooking shows). Anyway, it has led to a lot of discussion about various celebrity chefs. We have a whole lot of celebrity chefs that we love to hate (Guy Fieri, I’m looking in your direction) but few standout favorites.

I have to admit that I think my favorite might be Rachael Ray. I know she can be a little grating, but I like watching 30-minute meals, and several of her recipes are in my regular rotation. I also have a soft spot for Ted Allen, although he’s not a chef, and Mr. Furious is a big fan of Gordon Ramsay. What about you all? Any favorites? Any celeb chefs you hatewatch?

Someone Tried to Scam My Nana and I Am Pissed

I am typically a pretty peaceful person, but the unadulterated rage that I have been feeling for the past 36 hours could really use an outlet, and that outlet would preferably be the face of the woman who tried to scam my nana out of $3,800 yesterday.

Read More Someone Tried to Scam My Nana and I Am Pissed

Lunchtime Poll 11/29

Happy noon! (at least here in EST.)  Hope everyone is having a completely awesome day which will be remembered through the ages in story and song.  We’re typing our fingers off over here, but don’t you worry.  We’d write for you guys with bloody stubs. Read More Lunchtime Poll 11/29