Expat Ramblings: English Politeness

Ah, yes, the English. While not giving anything away about themselves, they always manage to stay perfectly polite, with impeccable manners, stiff upper lip, shame about the weather, tally-ho, pip pip. Jolly good. Only it’s a trap! Read More Expat Ramblings: English Politeness

What I Watched Last Night: Wallander, BBC vs. Swedish Editions

How I ended up being really interested in a more high-brow variety of crime television, I’m not entirely sure, but both the English-speaking and original Swedish versions of Wallander satisfyingly scratch that itch. Read More What I Watched Last Night: Wallander, BBC vs. Swedish Editions

Being a TCK: a Summary

Due to time constraints (as in, I have almost no time these days), I’m going to wrap up this series of articles on what it is like to be a TCK (third culture kid). To be someone who was born one place and raised in another place (or places) is to be someone who is caught in the middle of many cultures and who finds herself or himself attempting to reconcile so many facets of a complex life. I have already discussed several topics connecting to being a TCK, so in this article, I’ll attempt to tie them all together through a summary and collection of my own experiences. Read More Being a TCK: a Summary

Where People Go to Teach Overseas

If there is any lesson I’ve learned in my 4 years of teaching overseas, it’s that nothing compares to first hand advice. I can only speak for my experiences in China, Vietnam, and South Korea, but that hardly covers the multitude of options available to people or the variety of different jobs and cultures in which to immerse oneself. Read More Where People Go to Teach Overseas

The Pros and Cons of Teaching Overseas

I get asked a lot about how people can get jobs teaching overseas. Most people find out that I’ve been living and teaching overseas for more than 4 years, that I’ve made good money doing it, that it allows me to travel, take beautiful photos, and generally live a pretty awesome, adventure-filled life, and they want to know how they can do it too. Read More The Pros and Cons of Teaching Overseas