This Week in Misogyny

Oh, dearies, it was another week of fuckery in the world. Between Rolling Stone throwing a source under the bus when inconsistencies rose in her story (cue gloating from the “false accusations!!1!” crowd), a misguided storyline on The Newsroom, and the usual assortment of random awfulness, it’s hard to see the good news. Of which there’s a little bit, partially in the form of Legos. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny

Recap: The Vampiaries, Episode 3.12, “The Ties That Bind”

Wow, a lot happened this week. The episode opens with another of Bonnie’s dream sequences. She is in a cemetery full of Bennett witches. She finds a coffin. Klaus finds her. Klaus bites her. She wakes up. In a coffin.

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Birthday Life Makeovers and New Age Stuff for 2012

Since we’re heading into 2012, which is supposed to be all about change, Mayans and maybe (r)evolution, I figured the incoming new year is a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the life-changing techniques I’ve learned from other members of the majority gender.

Making Amends… With Your Body?

In the Jewish tradition, the period between the high holidays of Rosh Hashanah (which starts Wednesday night) and Yom Kippur (which starts Friday night, October 7th) is a time when we seek to make amends with people we may have wronged. Essentially, it’s a time of seeking forgiveness and repairing relationships. Read More Making Amends… With Your Body?