Is Fostering Worth It?

I got an email a few days ago from one of our adopters, who told us that their dog, one that we had fostered a decade ago, had died. Princess (name changed) was a dog with a tragic past. She’d lived her life to that point in a filthy pen surrounded by inches and inches of dog waste, eating moldy food and drinking dirty water. The email said that she had a merciful death after a long life. Read More Is Fostering Worth It?

Pupdate – October 18, 2013

Asher is turning into a dog again! He’s still not ready to do much, but he’s showing interest in more of the house than his bed and bowl. He follows me around every morning and harasses me until I scrub down his itchy bald spots with a wet wash cloth and get some of the gunk off. When he first came, his skin was very painful to touch, so the fact that he actually wants me to scrub it is a great sign. Read More Pupdate – October 18, 2013