31 Days of Halloween — Day 15, Teenaged Wolf Girls

It seems that teenaged girlhood and werewolf transformation would be an obvious metaphor that should have been trampled into banality by now. You have, of course, the irrationality and unpredictability of hormones, the physical evolution of the female form during puberty, and the onset of the menstrual cycle, which is both obviously bloody, classically tied to the full moon, and colloquially known as The Curse. One shouldn’t be hard pressed to find examples of teenaged girls exploring their (often unwilling) transformations into hairy beasts with notoriously lusty appetites. But despite this obvious symbolism, the texts and films that explore it are surprisingly few and far between.  Read More 31 Days of Halloween — Day 15, Teenaged Wolf Girls

A Tiny Hall of Mirrors

I love fairy tales. They are comforting and terrifying, illuminating and creepy, true and make-believe. Often they are all of these things at once. They tell us stories about ourselves, about the world around us, and about the way things are and can be.

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