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This weekend was a big weekend for the world of sports, so let’s get to it.

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Persephone Pioneers: Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Leigh Ramsey: Designer. Blogger. Comedian. But not necessarily in that order. Straight from her site and totally legit, Franchesca is a hardcore multi-tasker of awesome, a doer-of-things that range from making simple how-to hair style videos, to creating hilarious parodies, to being People.com and YouTube’s Red Carpet Reporter winner. She’s got a lot under her belt and certainly more to come (and if you doubt it, just check out her neverending credentials and work). Her two YouTube channels (Chescalocs and Chescaleigh) receive massive amounts of traffic, backed by the fact that she recently won 35G’s on YouTube’s NextUp contest. Persephone Magazine, please welcome the talented, hilarious, and amazing Franchesca Ramsey.

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