It’s Friday Night and We’re Out!

Thanks to all the readers and writers who make this place so much fun to run on the hamster wheel under.  We’re calling it quits a little early today, but feel free to poke around and read any articles you might have missed this week, or go digging through the archives if you’re new to our little corner of the web.  There’s lots of good stuff here.   We’re going to be running on a short schedule next week; from 9-4 on Monday through Thursday and from 9-1 on Friday.   The following week will be similar, with a late start on Monday and an early finish on Friday.  The first week of 2011 we’ll be back up to the regular 14-16 posts per day.    Have a great weekend, we’ll see you next week!

Lunchtime Poll: 12/17

Hello readers! You’re well on your way to Friday night now! On this fine Friday, we’d like to pump you for ideas.  What’s one fairly simple skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time? Rocket science, barnyard castration and brain surgery are probably out, but it we think we can pull it off, one of our intrepid Lady Bloggers will take on the task.  Stamp collecting? Knitting a scarf? Making a souffle? Changing your own oil? Replacing computer parts? If we don’t know, one of us probably knows someone to ask.  We’re here to make you happy and smarter, readers.  Within reason.  (It is the internet, after all.)

Friday Night Outta Here Post

That’s another week under our belts here at Persephone!  We’re glad you came by to visit with us this week and we’ll see you bright and early on Monday, with another full week of fabulous words.  In the meantime, we leaped into the 21st Century and got ourselves a Facebook Fan Page.  We’d love you to like us, because we sure do like you!  Have a safe, happy and relaxing weekend!

Friday Night Videos

It’s Friday night at 6 in Persephoneland, so we’re packing up and heading out for the weekend.  Next week is a short one for us, we won’t be posting on Thursday and Friday we’ll be doing food and shopping all day as the writers share their holiday recipes and pictures, and a few souls brave the Black Friday sales. Read More Friday Night Videos

It’s Almost Another Weekend

Which means we’ve made it to another Friday! Yay for all of us!  Hope all of your weeks skipped by on double rainbows.  We had a super busy week here, between the big interview, a new schedule and a handful of new writers.  Today we’ve got our usual assortment of words and stuff coming your way to help make the road to Friday night a little smoother.  Read More It’s Almost Another Weekend

Friday Night Live

This post wraps up another incredible week at Pesephone.   Thanks to all the readers (and commenters! Woo!) who help us get out of bed and find something interesting to say every day.  Don’t forget, US readers, the time changes this weekend so you get to live one whole hour of your life twice.  Read More Friday Night Live