Dry Wit: Come On, Get Hard-Assed

So, this last week, a friend-of-a-friend contacted me because she’d been following the progress of my sobriety both here and on my personal blog, and she had a problem: a person close to her had just revealed to her that he suspects he has a drinking problem, and she wanted advice about how best to support him. Read More Dry Wit: Come On, Get Hard-Assed

What Do You Do?

I’m meeting someone new. Maybe this time it’s a friend of a friend or even that cute boy at the bar I’ve been making eyes at all night. It’s always the third question. Right after they ask my name and how I know our mutual friend, or if I live around here. Read More What Do You Do?

What I Learned from My Crush

I used to have a friend I interacted with mainly by internet. The mode of discourse changed the way I engaged with the world. It started off with my usual social trickery, digging around for funny links and pulling out trivia to make myself seem well rounded and fun. Eventually, I developed a big fat internet crush on this friend-of-a-friend who primarily existed as lines of hilarious, engaging text. Meeting him in real life made it worse, and I cultivated  some habits in that mess, some good, some bad. Read More What I Learned from My Crush