Things You Can Do with Your Friends*

*According to my roommate

Tired of those ladymags with their crazy suggestions about how to dress or what’s trendy or what’s cool? Well just in time for summer, this ladymag has some suggestions for fun things you can do with your friends, as my roommate has attempted all of these activities with me. Read More Things You Can Do with Your Friends*

LadyGuide: How to Make Friends

[Original publication date: March 29, 2012]

Mouth-breather I am not. I’m socially adept, I have a quick wit, and I can flit around a party with the most social of butterflies. I have online dated, been to meetups, and taken classes. And you know what I’ve learned? Making friends is difficult. Post-college, post-breakup, post-new city, making friends is sometimes way harder than finding someone with whom to make out. So how do you make friends, anyway?

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Remedies for Loneliness

I’ve been spending a lot of alone time lately, partly by choice and partly involuntarily. I suppose I can blame it on the recent chaos that’s occurred in my life, or maybe to the summertime sadness I’ve developed, a la Lana Del Rey (also, damn you Lana). But as I slowly try to get myself out of this slump, I’ve been trying different things to remedy the onset of loneliness — in healthy ways, of course.

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The Weight Of Friendships

Throughout the years, I’ve learned the most about life from the friendships that have come and gone, but especially from the friends that remain permanent fixtures. I may not always be the greatest friend, but I think I can safely say that I’m a friend that will be loyal to you forever, unless you fuck me over. In which case, if you cross me, it’s unlikely that you’re ever able to get back on my good side. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. Read More The Weight Of Friendships

This Open Thread is Prepping for Turkey Day

Yeah, Thanksgiving is still a week away, but I’m already planning. When to drive down to Trader Joe’s to get my brined turkey? When to start prepping? Do I try to make challah stuffing for Thanksgivukkah or stick with the same one I make every year? Should I make apple pie again, or go easy on myself and make sugar cookies instead? Will I get the kiddo to try a single bite of anything I make this year? So many questions! Read More This Open Thread is Prepping for Turkey Day