On Pizza and Other Vegetables That Aren’t

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that declares pizza in school lunches to count as a vegetable serving (so long as it has two measly tablespoons of tomato paste, only 1/4 of the recommended 1/2 cup to be a true serving of veggies). While this is asinine for many reasons, I’ve seen a few people joking that Congress is so dumb they don’t even know that the tomato is actually a fruit. So which is it, fruit or vegetable?  Read More On Pizza and Other Vegetables That Aren’t

Tell Me More About This Whole Eating Seasonally Thing

Eating fruits and vegetables in the season when they are harvested leads to fresher, better tasting food. Seeking seasonal foods can have a positive effect on the environment, your wallet, and best of all, your palate. Don’t let the idea of shopping seasonally for produce be intimidating!

Read More Tell Me More About This Whole Eating Seasonally Thing

Beyond Brisket: Passover Food for the Rest of Us

Passover is upon us, kids. And beyond the deep religious significance, I think all of the observant Jews out there can agree that Passover really means one thing: bread fast. No leavened products for a week. No bread, no rice, no wheat, no pasta, no flour; pretty much, 90% of my diet is off-limits. The kosher rules for Passover can vary, depending on where you live and what type of Judaism you practice (for example, some people consider corn and corn products off-limits and others don’t). For the most part, though, it’s pretty clear: you’re going carb-free for a while, and, I’m going to be honest here, it sucks. Read More Beyond Brisket: Passover Food for the Rest of Us

Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!

You may or may not have heard that Weight Watchers (WW) has recently overhauled their famous (or infamous, depending on who you are) points system to more accurately reflect how the body breaks down different nutrients. More on the logic behind that in a moment–for the time being, news sources are focusing on the most obviously important angle, that the fatties are so dumb about losing their nasty fat! Eat some bananas and kale, you fatties!! Read More Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!

Produce Produce

When people ask me what my favorite thing about New York City is, this is my answer: Produce Carts.
For serious. Of all NYC has to offer, produce carts top my list. I can leave the gym feeling a little 11 0’clockish and go to my very favorite produce stand on the corner and get a banana for a quarter. I love it. No going through a drive-through, no trying to find the nearest Safeway. Read More Produce Produce

Consumer Psychology in the School Lunch Room

The USDA approved a research grant to explore using various behavioral psychology techniques to convince school kids to make healthier choices.  Suggestions include merchandising fruits and vegetables in attractive baskets instead of bins, placing a salad bar by the check out line and making desserts and snacks cash only.  Read More Consumer Psychology in the School Lunch Room