The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

There is a reason “Reasons my son is crying” is such a successful and hilarious blog concept: It’s all true. Small children melt down over a lot of things. The few times I’m not annoyed with the little blighters for being unreasonable, I catch myself envying them the joy of letting it all out. There are at least twelve situations each week that make me want to shout and tear my hair out, so fair play to you, kids. Read More The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

Failing, and Failing, and Failing

“I am at the end of my rope,” I think, again. The phrase has come to me at least once a day for the last two years, and with it, the realization that, in that case, I just have to find more rope. The thing about being a parent is that you can’t be at the end of your rope. Your rope never ends. You don’t get to throw in the towel when it is clear that you have made a big mistake, that you are unfit for your position, that you are not qualified for the job. There is no two weeks’ notice. Read More Failing, and Failing, and Failing

On Dreams (As Opposed to Reality)

Recently, my dude and I had to make a challenging decision not to move into a new apartment. It sucked: the new apartment was more spacious, better kept, newly renovated, and more attractive than our current one. It had screens on the double-paned windows. It was energy efficient. Its kitchen had many cupboards, and a refrigerator with a well-insulated door. The bathroom actually had a counter around the sink. The walk leading up to the building was well-lit, and the walls were thickly insulated for maximum sound diminishing. In short, it was in many ways everything our current apartment is not.

Read More On Dreams (As Opposed to Reality)

Ask Luci – 3/17

Cat with a frustrated expresionI’m here with a new name and one question today.  But I still love to tell people what to do with their lives, so don’t forget to submit your questions here or e-mail me! Read More Ask Luci – 3/17

A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Novelist

10:00 am – Wake up to the sound of your cell phone ringing. You expectantly reach for it, hoping it’s this one agent you emailed last week, but it’s your sort-of boyfriend. You don’t pick up because if you’re going to get anything done today it can’t involve outings for Quizno’s subs or catching the tail end of his friend’s roommate’s band’s coffeeshop gig. And you really need to get stuff done today. Read More A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Novelist

I turn my camera off

gaga flipping off cameraI used to roll my eyes at the women who would giggle and scream and put their hands in front of their faces whenever anyone brought out a camera at any type of gathering.  That was before yesterday when I fell on my FACE on my way to a get-together.  I arrived scraped, bruised, and swollen with no desire to have my busted up face be in any pictures of the day.  After politely declining (twice!) to get in a picture, I finally had to firmly say to my friend, “Seriously. No. Please don’t make me ask it again.”  It was uncomfortable for everyone and it led me to wonder, what is the etiquette for picture-taking at parties and gatherings?

In my embarrassment and frustration yesterday, I decided that the etiquette should be that anyone who wants to be the “photographer” should have to individually ask everyone if they are ok being in pictures.  When I was discussing it with Mr. Furious, he disagreed, saying that if you go to an event like that there is an understanding that there is going to be at least one person who wants to be the historian of the event.  I know that, but truth be told, I was wary of going to this event in the first place because I didn’t want my picture taken and I wanted to avoid the type of encounter I had with my friend.  For some people this is a really foreign feeling, they don’t know what it’s like to not like the way you look and to have picture-taking factor into a decision about whether or not they would attend an event.  For the rest of us, it’s all too familiar, and I’m sure there are many of us who have feigned illness or a death in the family to avoid being at an event where people would be taking pictures.

So why is there no set etiquette for this?  A quick google search and I couldn’t find anything that was not related to wedding photography.  So, maybe asking each person individually if they want their picture taken is impractical.  I think ultimately, declining politely – versus bringing everyone’s attention to oneself with antics about avoiding a picture is appropriate.  As is accepting immediately if someone says they don’t want their picture taken.  Chances are, this person does not want to get into all the reasons why they would prefer not to have a picture.  So, as a plea for those of us who are photo-phobic, just let us be!