Celebrity Slot Machines

Two weeks ago, I took a three-day trip to Las Vegas. I like playing slot machines while I am there (table games terrify me), and on this trip, I noticed that more and more celebrities are getting in on the gambling action.  Read More Celebrity Slot Machines

Super Bowl Math: Football by the Numbers

You may be asking yourself, what does math have to do with the Super Bowl? Lots, actually! Even if you just watch for the commercials, it’s more fun if you also understand what’s going on in the game. If nothing else, you can impress the bar with some truly random trivia. Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive guide to all things related to American football, but hopefully it’ll make the game a bit more fun.

Read More Super Bowl Math: Football by the Numbers

How My Love of Game Shows Made Me Money

I have my love of game shows to thank for being $100 richer.

I took a last second trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, and could barely pull myself away from the Press Your Luck penny slots. There are all sorts of pop culture games scattered throughout Vegas, from Sex and the City to Monopoly to The Wizard of Oz, but it was this old school game show machine that kept calling to me. Read More How My Love of Game Shows Made Me Money