Review: Portal 2

Let’s do some testing! I didn’t have the intention of buying Portal 2, but after seeing the “viral marketing” videos on YouTube, I bought the game anyway. I remember having a lot of fun with the original game as well, so I told myself, “Why not, Machiavellian A.I. are fun to listen to.” Read More Review: Portal 2

Goodbye, Monday

We’re out for tonight, but feel free to hang out in the comments and in the forums (the link is right over there to your right.)  Keep your suggestions for Middlemarch Madness coming, Bee and Sara B. are working on a post for Wednesday afternoon that will list all the potential heroines broken down by genre.  Read More Goodbye, Monday

Fun and Games Trivia Answers

I have got to say, I was truly surprised by how many of you really don’t like Smarties.  Between everyone who commented, all the questions were answered correctly except the Smartie question, because apparently I am the only one who cares.  No, wait, I lied.  No one got #8 either.  I guess that makes up for all you Smartie-haters.  A little. Read More Fun and Games Trivia Answers

Why I Play As Male Characters in Games

My first video game was Mario Brosâ„¢.  The era of 8-bit graphics and my really young age are probably the reason why I did not care about playing a male protagonist. The game story is rather easy: Peach, the token girlfriend, was kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario the Plumber had to save her. He searched castle after castle to find her only to find the wrong person until the last level.  Read More Why I Play As Male Characters in Games