NY Marriage Vote Approaches Amid Gay Pride Celebrations

Over the weekend, I enjoyed two Brooklyn Pride parties and joined Babeland to march in the Brooklyn Pride Parade. This month is Gay Pride Month in NYC, with the big 2011 NYC Gay Pride March taking place in Manhattan  on Sunday the 26th.  While all of these parties and festivities are always  exciting and much anticipated, adding to the energy this year is the fast approaching  June 20th deadline on the vote for marriage equality in NY. Read More NY Marriage Vote Approaches Amid Gay Pride Celebrations

Political Round-up 2/25/11

This week, we learn that a very special American is visiting India, a childhood icon is still a genius, and if you ever go down to Georgia, don’t drink anything anyone carrying a “Don’t Tread On Me” sign hands you. Especially if it’s in a little paper Dixie cup. Actually, that last bit of advice applies to any state. Read More Political Round-up 2/25/11

Pro-Choice, Period

I talk a lot about abortion on my blog. One of the absolutely most rewarding things about my (unpaid) work on STFU has been the people who’ve written to me saying, “I used to be against abortion, but I’ve been reading your blog and now I understand. I am pro-choice.” Read More Pro-Choice, Period