Superhero Sexism: Damsel in Distress Undies and Pink Wonder Woman

Summertime is superhero season. The blockbusters hit the theaters, themed birthday parties are thrown, and merchandise is everywhere. If you happen to be a girl, your superhero-themed merchandise is limited to female characters. If you’re lucky, you get access to all characters, but they’re covered in pink or glitter or shiny and come in a cute, babydoll fit. Unless you’re at Target. Then you get PINK Wonder Woman and Damsel in Distress Avengers underwear. I’ll wait a minute for you to finish rage-flailing. Read More Superhero Sexism: Damsel in Distress Undies and Pink Wonder Woman

Shocker (Not): Women Like Game of Thrones

After last Sunday’s episode, I’m sure some of us are wishing that we didn’t watch Game of Thrones. There’s nothing quite like having your heart ripped out by your favorite television show, is there?  It turns out that women love the cleverness and brutality of GoT, complete with all of its heart-ripping, throat-slitting goodness, just as much as men. Whoever could have imagined that dudeliness was a prerequisite for viewing? Oh right, dudes. Read More Shocker (Not): Women Like Game of Thrones

How Cosplay Helped My Body Image

[TRIGGER WARNING: Eating disorders and related thinking and behaviors.]

If you had asked me three years ago to put on a skintight leotard and a pair of tights and then go to an event with thousands of other people, I’m not sure if I’d have laughed at you or thought you were playing some sort of cruel joke on me. I sure as hell wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that three years down the road it would be one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Read More How Cosplay Helped My Body Image

More Things to Wear on Your Head: Monster Hats!

A few weeks ago, SallySassyPants wrote a post about things to wear on your head this winter, but I think she missed one vital category in her list:  monster hats.  A quick search of Etsy gave me more than enough to rectify this situation. Read More More Things to Wear on Your Head: Monster Hats!

LTP 6/10: Geekery

A while ago I ran across a blog post called Fifty Things That Cause Me to Geek Out.  To me, “geeking out” means that I love something so much I can talk about its little details and nuances until normal people’s eyes have glazed over and I can see them searching the room for the nearest exit points.  Read More LTP 6/10: Geekery

Tuesday Trivia: Geektastic Edition

Today’s Tuesday Trivia is for the geeks, the dorks, the nerds among us.  I’m proudly all three, so this was a total delight to create.  Sharpen those #2s, we’re twisting your noodle extra hard tonight. Read More Tuesday Trivia: Geektastic Edition