Lunchtime Poll: A Gen-X Dilemma

You’re out driving and listening to the ’90s station as usual, since you’re fairly skeptical about pretty much all music that came out after 2003 or so. Suddenly, “Macarena” comes on. What do you do? Read More Lunchtime Poll: A Gen-X Dilemma

Cliques ‘n’ Shit

I run a website where I am writing a fictional love story based on a well-known icon. It started out as just fun and really was, until a bunch of overzealous fans tried to take over. They were a nasty little clique, ewww; women in their 30s and 40s still playing the high school Mean Girl game. Read More Cliques ‘n’ Shit

On Being Gen X by Nathalie

I spent my childhood voraciously testing out various paths to Passion. In my teens I discovered photography. All the way to art school, I raced through life with a camera surgically attached to my face. I reveled in the idea of living behind the camera instead of in front, the jaded recovery of an only-child. Before the camera, in that stage between little girl and teenager, I painted. For years I painted on canvas, in school, on trips, on walls. One day I painted Kahlil Gibran’s words in my bedroom wall: Read More On Being Gen X by Nathalie

DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

I am writing you a letter because I wanted to say “I love you.” I mean, it goes a little beyond that and it’s not a romantic thing, but it is a thing. I love you so much that I have been holding off writing you for, I dunno, 18 years. I keep waiting to find the right time to write you, but there really isn’t a good time for deep conversations, is there? Here. I’ll just rip off the Band-Aid and get this done. Read More DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

Gen. X, Gen. Y and the Art of Slacking

I hope you all will excuse me while I make rash, sweeping generalizations about, well, pretty much all of us (or at least the generations to which we belong). I think it’s interesting that the idea of the lovable, cool slacker arose in the 80s and 90s as a counter-cultural alternative to yuppies and  corporate expansion, but I’m not sure that the art of slacking has translated well for my Generation, the Y-ers, who are, if anything, hyper-motivated, helicopter-parented and desirous of “making their mark in the world.” Read More Gen. X, Gen. Y and the Art of Slacking

Gen X v. Gen Y: Panel on Sexy Sex at Every Age

Ladyreaders, this one is for you. Manreaders, we might bring you in on this topic later.  We’re assembling a panel discussion for women of all ages to compare and contrast our experiences, education and expectations about and surrounding sex.   Being as it’s 2011 and we are masters of technology, we’re going to assemble our panel through the wonders of the introwebs, either through a special topic in our forums or some sort of chat.  Read More Gen X v. Gen Y: Panel on Sexy Sex at Every Age

Lunchtime Poll: 1/31

Good afternoon, cats and kittens.  It’s time once again for a lunchtime poll.  Today we’d like to know if you’re a Gen X or A Gen Y, and the Saturday morning cartoons that define your generation.  We’re not afraid to dip our toes in the deep subjects here at Persephone, see.  Share you answers and you may see them in tomorrow’s Gen XX column.   In the meantime, here’s to getting through Monday in one piece.