News in Europe: Let’s Not Stay Together

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Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.
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Greetings, citizens! While nothing major has happened this past week, there are so many curious behind-the-scenes developments that I’m starting to suspect Europe might just be losing it. But onwards and upwards, friends, and let’s make the best of this:

KaroNews in Europe: Let’s Not Stay Together

Gender Bias in the Sciences

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So sometimes when I talk about gender bias and sexism in academia, some people seem surprised. I don’t know if they bought into the notion that academia is some sort of hippy-dippy haven for everyone or what, but the surprise surprises me. More surprising are the people who deny that any sort of sexism or gender bias exists within academia … Read More

Ailanthus-altissimaGender Bias in the Sciences

Biases in Standardized Testing

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Mona Se Queda

I teach bilingual special education and I like guinea pigs.
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It’s that dreaded time of year again for teachers: standardized testing time.  The Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) begins February 28th, and I get the joy of having five third-graders who will be taking this exam.   

Mona Se QuedaBiases in Standardized Testing