Friday News Bites: Internet as Utility, Fifty Shades Boycott + More

Hello, unicorns! Happy Friday. It’s time for another sampler platter of interesting news and entertainment updates, so let’s get started. Read More Friday News Bites: Internet as Utility, Fifty Shades Boycott + More

Pink Shovels

I bought my daughter a snow shovel recently. She loves playing with the real one even though it’s taller than she is by at least a foot, and since she’s young enough to think it’s fun, why the heck wouldn’t I put her to work? Except I had to face the annoying decision of whether or not to buy her the pink one. Read More Pink Shovels

“Girl” Is Not an Insult

This weekend, for the first time, I saw the movie The Other Guys. I love comedies with dumb humor–in fact, whenever someone asks my favorite genre of movie I answer, “Will Ferrell.” I love Family Guy and Beavis and Butthead and all that mindless blather because honestly, it cracks me up. Usually, I can ignore the more offensive jokes because they’re peppered with satirical idiocy or they’re at the very least fleeting. Even shows like Family Guy are offensive to everyone across the board, so that somehow makes it more bearable. But watching The Other Guys quite simply had me writhing with anger–they made constant derogatory, sexist jokes that I simply could not overlook for the sake of humor. Which brings me to my point: “Girl” is not an insult.

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