Science News: 8/7/12

The Curiosity has landed! Mars, y’all!! And, you know, some other stuff happened too.  Read More Science News: 8/7/12

Science News Roundup: 7/3/12

Happy Tuesday, science fans! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Well, technically it was only one second longer than usual, due to a leap second being added to keep atomic clocks in sync with Earth’s slightly inconsistent rate of rotation. But I’ll take what I can get.  Read More Science News Roundup: 7/3/12

Gosh-Garnet! It’s Time for January’s Birthstone.

Now this is a stone that a biologist can really love: the name “garnet” does not refer to just one stone, but to a series of several species (yes! Species! I told you biologists would love it) of stone, each one similar, and yet unique, in their formation and chemical structure. Oh January, January, you truly have a mess of riches. Read More Gosh-Garnet! It’s Time for January’s Birthstone.

Science News Roundup: 12/14

This week we’ve got cancer prevention news that’s sure to put a smile on the face of many Persephoneers, new evidence of liquid water on Mars in the distant past, fracking earthquakes, and possible glimpses of a proposed fundamental particle that has never before been observed directly. Allons-y! Read More Science News Roundup: 12/14

Science News Roundup: 12/7

This week has brought a lot of really cool science news. Goldilocks planets! Rediscovering lost bumblebees! Toads that can predict earthquakes! Black holes ten times the size of our galaxy! Mapping Antarctica! Oh my!  Read More Science News Roundup: 12/7