Retro Recap: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S4.E12 — “A New Man”

You know what gets me? This is what gets me. Twenty years I’ve been fighting demons. Maggie Walsh and her nancy ninja boys come in; six months later, demons are pissing themselves with fear. They never even noticed me. What am I? I’m an unemployed librarian with a tendency to get knocked on the head. Read More Retro Recap: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S4.E12 — “A New Man”

Once More With Open Thread

In honor of the Buffy View Party, today’s Dance Party Song is a twofer, because I can’t choose just one favorite from Once More With Feeling. There’s a chance that I’ve previously featured Anthony Head singing in my Open Threads and I don’t care because I loves him. I also love “I’ll Never Tell” and this version stars the Sims. So, enjoy both! Read More Once More With Open Thread

Monday Night Open Thread

How were your weekends, Persephoneers?  Mine was great! I got lots of walking in, tried out a new ice cream parlor, AND I found this video on YouTube!  I’m not sure which was the best part, but Giles as Frank-N-Furter and homemade ice cream are tied for first right now.  See you in the comments!

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