Eating to My Health – Faux Congee

Over Christmas weekend, I picked up my first cold of the season which, if it follows tradition, will be my one and only death cold of the winter. Typically, these lay waste to my body for about a week to two weeks, often ending up as bronchitis and sinus infections, but since I am heading off to vacation in a matter of hours, I knew that I needed to do something about it–and quickly. Read More Eating to My Health – Faux Congee

Ginger Honey Tea – Good for What Ails You

Several weeks ago, my husband and I spent a weekend in White Pass to help his parents renovate a ski cabin they had just purchased. The original owners of the cabin had done a poor job of sealing and insulating the house, with the result that once walls started to come down, the dust of decades started to rise. I handled it quite well, but my husband did not. He had clogged, swollen sinuses, a sore throat, and even some nausea. Read More Ginger Honey Tea – Good for What Ails You

Walk for Choice: Our Favorite Rally Signs

Today, Walk for Choice events were held around the country to show support for Planned Parenthood, as a reaction to the House of Representatives voting to cut all federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and as a sign of protest to our politicians and our country that women’s rights and reproductive rights are under attack.

I Stand with Planned Parenthood” has been a common theme in this fight to retain reproductive rights, and at many of the rallies held today, supporters found some creative ways to express how they feel on the subject through their rally signs. Participants in various Walk for Choice events shared their favorite rally signs with us:

(Updated with even more awesome photos!)

From Allison H. in Gainesville:

My Body My Choice; I Stand With Planned Parenthood

If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?


From Claire T. at the D.C. Rally:

Let's hope you can't get pregnant from tea-bagging

Politicians make crappy doctors

Keep your Boehner out of my uterus

Ordinary women use Planned Parenthood for ordinary purposes


From elleeldrich, in Austin, TX:

I should not have to be here

We already fought this battle and won

I'm too old for this shit

What decade is this?

If men could get pregnant, this wouldn't be an issue

May the healthcare be with you

From Daisen-in in Boston:

I stand with Planned Parenthood

It's not Boehner's business if I want a boner in my business


From Crystal in Gainesville:

Congress: where are the jobs? (Hint: they're not in my uterus)



From Ginger-gal at the Grand Rapids Walk for Choice:

Batman supports choice

which was inspired by Ginger-gal’s awesome original Pro-choice Batman photo:

Pro-choice Batman

Look at your life; look at your choices

Abstinence & ignorance

How about you, commenters? Did any of you attend a Walk for Choice event today? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Let’s Talk Sex: This Station is Self-Serve Only.

Tuesday we talked about pleasure and the first time we found out about it. Today, let’s expand on that topic and make things a little more personal: Masturbation.

When did you first start masturbating? How did you come to discover this happy activity?

I happen to know people who don’t masturbate and never have. To this I say: what? I kid, no judgment here. Nonetheless, I notice that while we can talk about sex and getting it on for hours with friends, as soon as the word “masturbate” is brought up the room goes eerily quiet. We can talk about doing it with other people, but when it comes to pleasing ourselves we clam right up. Ridiculous, I say. I first learned about masturbation from a copy of Seventeen, I believe, once again stolen from my big sister. It even outlined how to masturbate (good techniques and whatnot). I was shocked. I can do what to myself? And it feels like that? And I don’t have to wait until I’m older and over my extreme body insecurities to orgasm? Rejoice! Since that day, it’s been happy time for Ginger Gal all the time.