Women Who Rock: Girl in a Coma

A few weeks ago, I devoted a post to my idol, Joan Jett. In that post, I mentioned that Joan had her own record label, Blackheart Records. This week, meet Girl in a Coma, one of the bands signed to Blackheart. A kickass trio out of San Antonio, Girl in a Coma consists of Phanie Diaz on drums, Jenn Alva on bass, and Phanie’s little sister, Nina Diaz, vocalist and guitarist. GIAC was formed after Phanie and Jenn, friends since junior high, bonded over their love of music. They decided to form a band but they needed a singer, so Phanie’s kid sister joined them when she was just 13. Once Nina joined, GIAC was born. Read More Women Who Rock: Girl in a Coma