Caregiving: Glee

Good evening, Persephoneers! Yet again I’m here in my pajamas, though at least this time with good reason, which also happens to be the explanation for why I haven’t been around much lately: I’m not well. In fact, the only one in the Juniper Household not to have been unwell is Juniper Puss. The rest of us, meanwhile, have had horribly horrid colds. Continue reading

Cheering Brittana

As much attention as Glee has gotten lately for its portrayal of gay teens on television, I wasn’t so convinced. It’s great that there’s a main character on a TV show for gay and questioning youth (and everyone else) to see. It’s even better, and more encouraging, that the reponse to gay teens in primetime has been largely positive. Maybe the flood gates will open, and we’ll start seeing a more inclusive depiction of sexuality across the board. Continue reading