Changes Afoot at Persephone Magazine

Good morning, Persephoneers!  It’s a really exiting day in Persephone world.  Not only will be be naming the winner of Middlemarch Madness and preparing for our six-month birthday on Monday, we’ve got a real bombshell to drop on you after the cut. Read More Changes Afoot at Persephone Magazine

Ladyghosts: The West Wing 1.12 “He Shall From Time to Time”

Good afternoon, Persephoneers!  It’s my turn to talk about The West Wing, and this episode is a doozy.  Season one of The West Wing was able to achieve a near-perfect balance between plot, character development and larger themes, and “He Shall From Time to Time” is one of the better examples of this strength.  Read More Ladyghosts: The West Wing 1.12 “He Shall From Time to Time”

Lunchtime Poll 3/29

Good afternoon Persephoneers! It’s Tuesday, so you’ve already got one day under your belt.  We’re keeping it super simple for today’s LTP, I want to know what you’re having for lunch.

I’m about to dig into a cup of coffee and a bagel, because I believe breakfast food works 24 hours a day.  What are you having today?

Lunchtime Poll: 2/8

Good afternoon, my lovelies. Today’s post is inspired by a recent bus trip on which I cranked up my music to drown out the horrible sound of bus windshield wipers. I switched to an old album, one that I once loved so much that I completely wore it out and rendered myself unable to listen to it for years. This album now inspires feelings of nostalgia and introspection and is kind of the musical equivalent of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Read More Lunchtime Poll: 2/8

Lunchtime Poll: 1/31

Good afternoon, cats and kittens.  It’s time once again for a lunchtime poll.  Today we’d like to know if you’re a Gen X or A Gen Y, and the Saturday morning cartoons that define your generation.  We’re not afraid to dip our toes in the deep subjects here at Persephone, see.  Share you answers and you may see them in tomorrow’s Gen XX column.   In the meantime, here’s to getting through Monday in one piece.

Lunchtime Poll 1/17

Good afternoon, readers! I hope all our US readers are making the most of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, and that many of you work for employers who recognize the day.  Sadly, I know many employers don’t.  For today’s lunchtime poll, we’re asking you to reflect on what you can do in your life today that can honor Dr. King’s memory.  Whether it’s reading about heroes of the civil rights movement or volunteering your time for a peaceful charity, there are hundreds of big and small things we can all do to help us become the people Dr. King imagined we could be.    This will be our last post for today, we’ll see you all in the morning.

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Lunchtime Poll: 1/6

Good afternoon readers! We are finally sliding into the fun part of the week, when dreams of Saturday, sleeping in and eating cereal in front of the TV in your pajamas help you push through the last quarter of the week or so.  For today’s lunchtime poll, we want to know if you’ve ever cheated at a game (solitaire doesn’t count.)  Cheating at Chutes and Ladders to let your kid win doesn’t count either.

Lunchtime Poll 12/20

Good afternoon, EST’ers! If you’re working this Monday, hope it’s filled with sunshine.  If not, I hope your family isn’t driving you nuts.  Today’s lunchtime poll is a really simple one, we’re up to our earlobes in wrapping paper and sugar cookies over here.   What song always brings your mood up, no matter how many times you hear it?