#First World Problem

#Firstworldproblem that’s the hashtag some Twitter friends use when they complain about something like “Gah! My iPhone isn’t syncing!” #firstworldproblem
“Forgot my laptop at home, can’t log in at Starbucks like I was planning” #firstworldproblem
“Doh! The store is out of  {insert fav treat here}” #firstworldproblem Read More #First World Problem

When Bullies Grow Up

So, who had (or will have) a 10-year high school reunion this year? I was a member of the class of 2000, a bit of trivia that was burned into my brain at a young age. I remember my kindergarten teacher telling us as a group that we were going to graduate in the year 2000, and the date seemed so impossibly futuristic to me. I couldn’t wait to finish high school, and drive off in my flying car to the next adventure. Read More When Bullies Grow Up