PoC News in America

Earlier this week, we brought you a lot of news about the Baltimore Uprising. Here’s everything else we missed from last week.

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When Bloggers Celebrate Birthdays, Chicago Style

This week I’m leaving the parenting behind and rehashing Selena’s fortieth birthday. Actually, it’s impossible to leave the parenting behind, but it is possible to take off for a weekend and fill it full of friends and fun, which is what I did last weekend. Read More When Bloggers Celebrate Birthdays, Chicago Style

LTP: Environmental Guilt Edition

OK, it’s confession time. I’m going to work under the assumption that we all care about protecting the environment and generally do what we can to minimize our impact. But will also assume that we all have a couple things that we continue to do even though we know they’re “bad” for our poor planet. Read More LTP: Environmental Guilt Edition

It’s That Time Again

We’ve all made it through another week, so it’s time for an open thread!  We hope everyone has a safe, happy and ridiculously fun weekend ahead of them.  We’ll see you on Monday for a light day (we’ll be honoring Dr. King) and we’ll be back in the full swing of our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.   We’ll be around this weekend to approve new commenters and share in your internet rabble rousing.