The Daily Goodie and Bonus Open Thread: New Server Edition

Good morning, Persephoneers! As many of you know, last night we had to make the move to a shiny new server. It was a tad bit more complicated than we had anticipated (as these things tend to be), and so our diligent yet exhausted editor-in-chief and her army of server gnomes need to take some time to regroup and make sure everything is spiffed up and ready for company. So we’ve taken the liberty of extending the weekend one additional day, and hope you’ll join us in this open thread until we’re 100% back in business.

To get us started, and as a tribute to our HBIC getting this server nonsense squared away pretty much by herself, I leave you with some Aretha and Annie Lennox:

Get Your Chat On In This Open Thread

As we are encountering a glut of open threads, we’ve decided to consolidate the nightly open thread with the morning open thread, because replacing one open thread with another is (like the Oxford comma!) a little redundant.  (Copyeditor’s note: It. Is. On. -PoM) So in the morning if you want to chat, jump back in here until we get things rolling with the Daily Goodie, now playing at 11:30 AM. Continue reading

The Daily Goodie – 1/30

It’s the first day of the work week and the last day of the month!  I prefer it when the last day of the month falls on a Friday because it feels like everything is wrapping up nicely and it doesn’t make my dayplanner look out of order.  Alas, that will not be happening until September this year.  But, the last day of January does bring us Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! So I brought some bubble wrap pictures to you all.

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The Daily Goodie: 1/28

Happy Friday once again, my dears. Today’s Goodie is for all you bookish nerds out there. I’ve just been made aware of Book-A-Minute, a years-old website that provides short, slighly snarky summaries of classic books. I’m aware that y’all hate clicking through to external websites, but believe me that this is worth the click. Here’s probably my favorite summary, which will hopefully entice you to click through for more. Continue reading