The Daily Goodie -4/4

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Happy Monday, everyone! How were your weekends? I spent the whole weekend subsisting almost entirely on Cadbury Creme Eggs, so that’s what this Daily Goodie is devoted to!

Luci FuriousThe Daily Goodie -4/4

The Daily Goodie – 3/28

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Welcome to another fantastic week at Persephone Magazine!  If you’re new, we’re so happy you found us! And if you’ve been around, thanks for sticking around!  We love our readers and commenters.  And to start us off this week in TDG, I just want to say “¦ thank you for being a friend.

Luci FuriousThe Daily Goodie – 3/28

The Daily Goodie: 3/21/11

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It’s officially spring!  Sally J. has made a little map of the locations of all our editors and thankless interns.  Not only does that mean that I can show up unexpectedly at everyone’s house, but I can also post spring pictures to represent all of us. Fun!

Luci FuriousThe Daily Goodie: 3/21/11

The Daily Goodie and Bonus Open Thread: New Server Edition

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Good morning, Persephoneers! As many of you know, last night we had to make the move to a shiny new server. It was a tad bit more complicated than we had anticipated (as these things tend to be), and so our diligent yet exhausted editor-in-chief and her army of server gnomes need to take some time to regroup and make … Read More

[E] RachelThe Daily Goodie and Bonus Open Thread: New Server Edition

TDG: 3/3

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Good morning, Persephoneers!  It’s Thursday again already, which means we’re all in the home stretch of this week.  Yay! We’ve got a pretty good day in store for you, lots of good pieces to read are stashed in the hopper.  Plus, day 3 of Middlemarch voting @7p EST. 

[E] Selena MacIntosh*TDG: 3/3