This Week in Lady Reads

Views you can use, science, and April Fool’s jokes done right. Fun stuff! Read More This Week in Lady Reads

Books to Look Forward to in 2015

Every year, I make the same resolution. No, it’s not to lose weight or go to the gym. Sometimes I DO resolve to eat healthier or exercise, but that’s not the resolution I’m talking about. Every year, I tell myself I’m going to read more. Less time on the Internet, more time with my books. And even though I’ve already got a never-ending TBR file, I’ve still been scoping out the upcoming releases to see if there’s anything I need to add. Read More Books to Look Forward to in 2015

What I’ve Read So Far This Year

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself on Goodreads to read an average of one book a week. I did the same thing last year and hit my goal in December, eventually finishing with 59 or 60 books officially read. (I’d left off a few that were so bad I didn’t really want to cop to them, but did count a few short novellas that went along with some series I’d been reading, so it pretty much worked out right.) This year I finished my 52nd official book in the wee hours of June 29th. Oops.  Read More What I’ve Read So Far This Year

Five Favorite Books: 2012

This year alone, I’ve read 77 books and so far reviewed 68 of them. More so than in years’ past, I’ve come across work that I want to shove into the hands of every reading adult I know. In Sara-praise, “I want to hug its face off” ranks highest. Here, then, are my most face-huggable books for 2012: Read More Five Favorite Books: 2012