News in Asia

Hello! Welcome to another edition of “News in Asia.” For all readers and unicorns in NYC and London, I hope Pride weekend was awesome! Orlando Pride doesn’t usually take place ’til fall, given the Florida summer, though Gay Days (which is separate from the official Pride celebrations) usually takes place late May/early June. I wrote this column months ago focusing on gay rights in Asia. Pride celebrations take place at various times of the year in different countries. The largest celebration is in Taiwan on the last Saturday in October with some 80,000 people in attendance. Read More News in Asia

5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Okay, perhaps I engage in a smidge of hyperbole when I say that I cannot live without these apps. Surely, I would somehow pick up the pieces of my life and go on if I no longer had access to my iPhone. But, they have made my life a lot easier. Read More 5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Science News: 3/26/13

So many cool science stories this week! Conditions were right for there to have been life on Mars! Daisy Morris, dinosaur hunter, is the coolest 9-year-old on the planet. And can earthquakes really turn water to gold? Read More Science News: 3/26/13

Cellphones Provide A Handy Distraction From Our Need To Be Distracted

I’ve read my fair share of articles on how humans are becoming dependent on technology and how Google is making us “stupid,” but my experience living without my cellphone for two days last week was not at all like the ordeal these articles describe. Instead of finding myself hopelessly dependent on technology (and therefore useless without my phone), I found myself able to survive quite sufficiently without my BlackBerry. Read More Cellphones Provide A Handy Distraction From Our Need To Be Distracted