Science News: 9/24/13

So… did Voyager 1 really leave our solar system this time? What’s new with rhesus monkeys? Why on earth are researchers looking at whales’ earwax?? Find out all this and more in the latest edition of science news! Read More Science News: 9/24/13

Traveling the World with GeoGuessr

I don’t get sucked into online games very often, and when I do, they tend to be spectacularly nerdy. I’ve signed up for free trials of Lumosity with three different email addresses and I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing Sporcle quizzes when I was studying to go on Jeopardy!, but it’s been a while since anything really grabbed my attention. A few weeks ago, though, one of my friends posted a link to GeoGuessr and now I can’t stop playing. Read More Traveling the World with GeoGuessr

Science News: 10/2/12

Science news! It was a bit of a slow week, but Curiosity found evidence of ancient water on Mars, Google introduced new underwater panoramas of coral reefs, and you won’t believe what they’re doing with whisky in Scotland.  Read More Science News: 10/2/12