Friday News Bites: #IStandWithAhmed, GOP Debate + More:

Greetings and Happy Friday, everyone. We’ve got a little bit about the 2016 U.S. elections, a talented student, plus the usual bits of entertainment news. Let’s get started:

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Bipartisan Nostalgia

In this hyper-partisan era, many writers wax nostalgic for a time politics were more civil, when Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan could work together despite their differences, when people disagreed politely.  That’s the great thing about nostalgia — you only have to remember the good parts (like how I love 1930s clothes and music but wouldn’t want to restore that era’s sexism, racism, or economic inequity). Likewise, there was plenty of political ugliness in the past. Despite this, I do think the op-ed pieces have a point, in that these days we have lost even the superficial veneer of civilized disagreement. Read More Bipartisan Nostalgia

The Sky Is Falling! No, Really! No, I Mean It This Time!

Over-reaction is becoming so common on the political scene these days, things have to go pretty far before they qualify as genuinely surprising over-reaction. But the furor over last week’s primary defeat of Eric Cantor definitely qualifies. Read More The Sky Is Falling! No, Really! No, I Mean It This Time!

How to Appeal to Women 101

No, this isn’t dating advice. (Although if the title piqued your interest, at least maybe you’ll read the article; much along the same lines as my advice to a friend writing a dissertation she hoped she’d eventually publish as a book, to whom I suggested the title “Heroic Themes In 18th Century French Literature, or Thinner Thighs In Thirty Days.” But I digress… ) Read More How to Appeal to Women 101

“But They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . . ”

It’s always astounding when two closely related things turn out to be complete opposites.  Like siblings who have totally different body types, books with matching bindings but one is Jane Austen and the other is Judith Krantz, or the time my father took his first bite into an avocado slice, not knowing what it was but assuming it was some sort of cucumber. Read More “But They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . . ”

Partisanship Run Amok

I’ve always prided myself on both keeping an open mind and having strong opinions — sure, it’s a tough balance, but as a former high school debater, I still remember the skills we developed having to argue on both sides of any issue. And while I believe I’m in the right about most things, I have always tried to consider the opposite point of view. Read More Partisanship Run Amok