Ladgyhosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.14, “Mars vs. Mars”

What is this? Special Guest Star Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl playing … a Gossip Girl? Special Guest Star That Guy From Party Down Who Is Now On Community playing Hot Young Idealistic Teacher Who Still Gets Students Interested In History? What after-school special could be in store for us in this week’s Mystery of the Week?  Oh, only that Blair (I mean, Carrie) has publicly accused Hot Young Teacher of dodging her calls because they had a pregnancy scare?  Veronica doesn’t buy any of it, because she now loves the Huns and Hot Young Teacher gets all the credit, plus Carrie is a bitch.  Veronica Mars starts her investigation.

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Heroines of Style: Television

Forget Kate Moss, forget Heidi Klum. I’m taking my style pointers from the people who pick out clothes for a living, who use an outfit to create a mood, to heighten the drama, to demonstrate character: costume stylists. Why emulate real people when you can follow in the footsteps of fictional character who, though they may make mistakes, shoot people, wallow in existential angst, or plot the downfall of their enemies, never make a sartorial misstep. Here are a few of my fashion inspirations from television:

Zoe Washburne from Firefly:

Skin tight pants, leather jacket, badass boots, an I-ain’t-fuckin’-around gun holster? Check check check check. Okay, so maybe I can’t carry a big damn gun around, or punch people out in bars for insulting my military background, or engage in mischievous space thievery, or be anywhere near the badass that Zoe Washburne is, but I can get a thick leather belt, some riding pants (I saw some at Target!), and some stompin’ boots and call it a day.

Chuck Charles from Pushing Daisies:

For when I’m feeling sweet as pie: feminine silhouettes, bright colors, and a sunny disposition. Not your average zombie. A couple of to-die-for vintage dresses (Etsy!), some bangs, at least one pair of ankle-strap pumps, and a becoming smirk is all you need for this look.

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy:

Listen, sometimes I need to give off a vibe of, “Whatever, I’m way too tired from my awesome surgical career and overly dramatic personal life to bother dressing in anything but a long sleeve t-shirt and cords, but damn do I have fantastic hair.” Add a trench coat (khaki if you’re a Meredith, and leather if you’re a Christina) and you’re all set for Seattle.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl:

What television style post would be complete without a Blair Waldorf mention? The headbands, the coats, the dresses. All of it. But in some ways the original isn’t worth emulating because who can afford to do it right? That’s why I prefer to imitate Pajama Blair. A silky robe, impeccable nightie or matching sleep separates, nary a hair out of place. Sure, hardly anyone is going to see your fabulous lounging costume, since not all of us have minions showing up at our penthouse at all hours waiting for marching orders, but you’ll know how great you look.

Who are your television style heroines?

Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shitstorms (Part 2)

Here it is! Your top 5 LadyBlog shitstorms of 2010.  Did your favorite scandal and commenting brouhaha make the list?  I will give you a spoiler alert right now, there were so many good ones to choose from that I didn’t even have to use the great Gawker hack, since it wasn’t site specific.  That’s a lot of amazing shitstorms, people! Read More Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shitstorms (Part 2)