Recap: Fringe, Episode 3.17, “Stowaway”

We open with Peter looking thoroughly grossed out at the prospect of “Bellivia.” So are we all, Peter. As Astrid attaches electrodes to Olivia’s ““ well, Bell’s – skull (let’s just go with “Bell” for now ““ Bell explains that Olivia is “resting” and “totally safe.” He tells them what we’ve already learned about the soul magnet business, and the doctored tea he gave Olivia when she came to see him on the other side. Read More Recap: Fringe, Episode 3.17, “Stowaway”

Skins Recap: “Cadie”

Cadie gets her turn this week and I honestly can’t tell you whether I really liked this episode or thought it pandered too much. Maybe I’ll decide by the end of this recap.

Cadie has Issues and this episode makes it pretty easy to see why. Read More Skins Recap: “Cadie”