31 Days of Halloween — Day 27, Such Links to Show You

October is almost over, which means it’s nearly time to say goodbye to our annual horror series, 31 Days of Halloween. As we round up this year’s posts, here’s a quick look at some horror-related writings around the web.

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31 Days of Halloween — Day 20, Possessed Pregnancies

It’s not hard to understand how pregnancy can be a source of angst and dread. Even in wanted pregnancies, there are very real fears, from the healthy development of the fetus to the specter of maternal and/or fetal death. Women are bombarded with warnings, directions, and horror stories full of “what ifs” and “could happens.” Hormones interrupt sleep and cause emotional swings. The pregnant body becomes community property, constantly prodded and poked by health care professionals and touched and focused on by friends (sometimes tolerable) and strangers (hardly ever). Everyone watches you. Everyone tells you what to do. Nothing you do, nowhere you go, nothing you consume, is solely yours anymore – if there’s not some well-meaning busybody telling you what you should or shouldn’t be putting in your body, there’s the internal pressure of every stinking baby book consumed reminding you that anything you do could harm your child at any moment. Read More 31 Days of Halloween — Day 20, Possessed Pregnancies

The Perfect Book

There’s something about books that appeals to me. The scent, the touch, the power it gives to the imagination to run wild while still being held back by the boundaries of the story; but I think it mostly comes from this kind of high you get when you read a really good book, the need to devour every page as if this is the last thing you’ll ever get to know in life, so you get eager as pages turn under your fingertips, eager to know what experience comes out of it; and yet you feel the need to take it slow, to print each word unto your brain, to stain your memories with this simple and yet so complex feeling that a good book gives you. I make it sound like it’s some sort of drug, but honestly, if books were a kind of drug, then reading would be my addiction. Read More The Perfect Book