And that title is most likely the last time I will write “FTW” this year. Well, apart from that second time. And in the tags. Read More YA FTW!

Persephone Pioneers: Jasika Nicole

You might know Jasika Nicole from her phenomenal role as Astrid Farnsworth in the television show Fringe. But did you also know that Jasika is a renaissance woman whose talents exceed acting and touch on everything from art to writing to dancing? When she isn’t working her magic on her role of Astrid, she’s busy creating semi-autobiographical comics over at her website, as well as writing for top-notch outlets like The Advocate and Sarah Moon’s newest project, The Letter Q. A lover and a fighter, as well as an immensely talented artist, Persephone Magazine, please welcome Jasika Nicole. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Jasika Nicole

Movie Nights: A Prep for Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is coming out tomorrow. I, for one, am not missing it. This movie has intrigued me more than any other lately, for reasons including the interesting graphics, animation, and choice of actors, and the “female lead” aspect in a Warner Brothers production. Let’s get the run-down before we see, it shall we? Read More Movie Nights: A Prep for Sucker Punch