Do You Reread Books?

The issue of rereading beloved books is yet another one that I didn’t realize was up for debate until I moved in with Mr. McD. He is firmly in the No Rereading camp, and once expressed confusion about why I choose to read certain books over and over when there are plenty of great books I’ve never read. Read More Do You Reread Books?

Great Books for Daughters of Every Age

One of the best traditions in my family has always been giving books as gifts.  Between used bookstores, eBay, garage sales, flea markets and friend exchanges, books can be a really inexpensive way to give a gift you know a special someone will love.   I thought a post on great books for girls could be a lot of fun, today we’re covering birth through elementary school, later on in the week (or some time before Christmas) we’ll tackle middle school, high school and adult daughters. Read More Great Books for Daughters of Every Age