What I Watched Last Night: Sherlock, “The Reichenbach Fall”

Spoiler Alert: If you are not yet caught up on the second series of Sherlock, do not click through. Go watch – you won’t regret it – then come back and theorize with us. (It’s on Netflix Instant! ~ed.)

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Great TV Feminists

While it’s still unusual to actually hear the word feminist used in a positive way on TV, there has been a fairly impressive list of feminist characters on network and cable TV.  Among the shrewish wives, the self-absorbed singles and the super mommies who normally fill the airwaves, we found some great lady role models who weren’t afraid to wear their feminism on their sleeves. Read More Great TV Feminists

Tim Gunn, National Treasure

Welcome to our first recap of my personal guilty pleasure, Project Runway.  Last night was a banner episode for our designers, filled with more drama than a room full of Bieber fans.   Snippy designers, eye-rolling and a few dozen yards of hideous gray sweatshirt fleece makes for great TV. Read More Tim Gunn, National Treasure