Why 1994 Matters to Me: Part 1

It’s a weird feeling, getting older — nostalgia might hit you at anytime. I work with people who were born after the subjects of this column were released. I am guessing for people born in the late ’60s or early ’70s, the death of John Lennon is seen as the separation between that generation and the next. For me, it is the death of Kurt Cobain. Every time I find out someone was born after he died, it throws me off. 1994 is one of those outstanding years in music where a lot of seminal and well-recognized albums came out. Some of the albums I came to listen to later in life, but the impact was still immeasurable. The year has always had a special place in my heart; I turned twelve that year and entered middle school. I met a lifelong best friend in 1994 whose parents pretty much let him listen to anything he wanted, and I was introduced to a lot of these albums through him. Sadly, he passed in 2006, but his legacy lives on anytime I hear “Buddy Holly” or “Longview.”  Read More Why 1994 Matters to Me: Part 1

Reviewing American Idiot: Pass the Ibuprofen

This week, the Mr. and I had a rare date night. We went to dinner and a show, just like real grown-ups do. Granted, it was a Tuesday night, but hey, we’ll take what we can get. We took in the Tony-award winning musical, American Idiot, at Clowes Hall on the campus of Butler University (sidenote: Selena and I saw Les Miserables, as well as Cats at this theatre many moons ago). Read More Reviewing American Idiot: Pass the Ibuprofen

30 Years of Music: 1994

What a great year 1994 was for music. Once again, I’ve found it nearly impossible to limit myself to just ten great songs and have instead picked fifteen while still leaving out so many that I hope we’ll talk about in the comments. Let’s start with some more pop tracks and finish with the rock ‘n’ roll, yeah?

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