News in Asia

Hello my fellow unicorns, welcome to another week and more news. I hope all is well in your particular world as some things are not as great in the wider world, though there are a couple of bright spots out there. So here we go… Read More News in Asia

Science News: 7/2/13

I’ve got some special treats for you this week! From webcams, we’ve got a volcanic eruption and baby snow leopards. From a lady science blogger, a couple of fantastic takedowns of bad science (the sarcasm, it burns, but in a good way). Plus, news that’ll have you reaching for the paper towels instead of the blowers in public restrooms. Read More Science News: 7/2/13

What the Frak is the Deal with Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly called, has become the topic of heated debates in recent years. Its proponents claim that it’s a totally safe and necessary process that will help with energy independence and boost local economies by providing jobs. Its detractors fear environmental and ecological disaster if fracking is allowed to continue and to expand into new regions. With accusations flying back and forth, it’s hard to know what to believe. Let’s take a look at current scientific knowledge of the process to get a better grasp on the true situation. Read More What the Frak is the Deal with Fracking?