Each Illuminating the Other

I’m not often a hate-reader. I find there’s enough in the world to piss me off without going looking for it. I know people who hate-read blogs, magazines, newspapers, and probably sometimes books, and these are the source for much of what they write. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this if it helps you think and form your ideas. I further expect that the idea isn’t foreign to many of you, but it’s just not something I’m generally into. Read More Each Illuminating the Other

Loving and Grieving

One of the curses of love is that if you love someone enough, their pain becomes your pain. Friends, family members, significant others: the more people you love, the more chances you have to get your heart broken.  I’m speaking specifically of grief. In 2010, I had occasion to watch more than one person I love (as it happens, close friends) deal with a devastating loss. These weren’t my losses; I was a spectator, a participant in the grieving process rather than a grieving person myself. Read More Loving and Grieving

My Grandmother Died 10 Days Ago

My grandmother died 10 days ago. On October 19th, at 7:20 am, I received the phone call I had been anticipating for months, years even. My father was on the other end. He relayed the news that, before she died, Margaret Simeone smiled. Read More My Grandmother Died 10 Days Ago